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Wolf Park's Journal
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in Wolf Park's LiveJournal:

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
10:01 pm
Wolf Park: Dog's Days event
(crossposted from my personal journal)

Today was the "Dog's Days" special event. There was a guy there that talked about search 'n rescue dogs, and gave a demonstration. Sure enough, both runs found the person that ran off and hid!

Search and rescue dog - ACTION SHOT!

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Sunday, November 11th, 2007
5:09 pm
Wolf Park Photos!
Here's another sampling of photos! These were from yesterday. These are unedited.

Devon, posing on a stone near a pumpkin top

Devon; actually took food from my hand!

Ember, seen through the fox tunnel

Ember, peeking from behind a log

Ember, turning to spot some beef jerky

Basil, licking his nose

Basil, looking pretty while laying down

Bison from our herd, grazing near a tree

It's not quite what you think. You see, Willow on top is female...

2:28 am
Busy day at the park!
Another long day. Good day though. But long, so I'll shorthand it to read easier:
  • Drove out to wolf park
  • Watched a video documentary recently released about wolves, coyotes, and foxes in yellowstone
    • Monty the photographer was there and added comments
    • Gray (graywolf769 ) was there as well
    • Monty thought it was beautiful footage, but the narration was a little too made-up and story-driven
  • Couldn't have wolf-time, so we had fox-time instead. ALRIGHT, FOXES!!
    • Went in with the foxes. Basil greeted me like usual
    • Sat down with another volunteer - she gave me beef jerky slices to feed the foxes with
      • Yes, that deserved all-caps. Devon is ridiculously shy. I didn't expect her to EVER approach me
      • The fact that she did, well... it made me feel good.
      • Devon is the dark/blackish "silver-phase" fox, by the way.
    • Took several photos (of course!)
  • Gave a tour to the Jr. Volunteers (children who help out, appeared to be aged 9-14 but I'm not sure)
  • Rode in the back of the orange pickup truck with the Jr's - lured bison to a separate pasture with sliced apples
  • Helped out in the gift shop
  • Talked to Dana about a lot of ideas I was having
    • She gave me my new Wolf Park Staff windbreaker jacket - it fits nice!
    • I have an idea to make an interactive DVD for sponsors to view
    • And to make new signs to put on every wolves' pen that shows their name, photo, birthday, parents/offspring, and general info
    • Fritzy, read this: Talked to her about shot glasses. She said I should look at your prototype and report back to her
    • Also talked to her about selling WP gear at MFF or other furry conventions
      • She indicated she was very aware about what a furry convention is (which I thought was really cool)
      • Jessica already does this at the "really large furry convention" so probably Anthrocon
      • We can't sell at MFF since it's too short-notice and not worth it as there's a lot o f taxwork and paperwork to do
    • Talked about getting clearance to go in with the foxes solo. She said I'm close to getting it. WOO!
  • Helped out in the gift shop
  • Bought a book - Management of the Red Fox (vulpes vulpes) in Captivity. I'm considering raising a fox of my own someday...
  • Left for home
Monday, November 5th, 2007
11:43 pm
Fox pictures from Sun Nov 4
Here's a small taste of the many photos I took while at Wolf Park yesterday! It was cool and breezy, and Basil was very active for some reason or another. He was wandering around the fox pen quite a lot, and even approached me when I walked up to the cage. He came right up to me and nosed through the fence a bit. Got a picture, but it was just an up-close of his chest fur. XD

Enjoy the pictures! There's plenty more under the cut!

Basil turning gracefully in the sun

Ducks fly over the pond - very postcardish

Basil again in the sun

Monday, October 15th, 2007
10:37 pm
Wolf Park Furmeet!
Rayven and I were talking about alternate furmeets she could hold. And then eureka! SHE HAS A PLAN! She said she was thinking about going to Wolf Park this weekend! So... Come join me and five other foxes (3 of us are furries, 3 are real foxes!) at Wolf Park!

Where: Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN (Click for a GoogleMap)
When: Friday October 19th, 1PM Eastern Time
Why: Meet up with Rayven, Nih, and myself. And, it's Wolf Awareness week!
Who: You! As long as you can behave yourself accordingly; we request no costumes while at the park.
Weather Report: It will be about 72 degrees with a slight chance of rain, so prepare accordingly.

Current Mood: bouncy
Friday, September 28th, 2007
4:34 pm
Today'sFeaturette: Basil!
But mom... just five more minutes...!What?! I--I wasn't sleeping on the job!
Hmm... the coast is clear...A five-minute foxnap didn't hurt anyone...

(Re-posted from my personal journal, sans poll)

Basil is one of the park's three Red Foxes (vulpes vulpes), but chances are you already knew that. =D
His story is generally agreed to be this: He was purchased from a fur farm where he was to be someone's pet. However, since red foxes are generally smelly, urinate their territory upon anything, and dig and cache into everything, he was rejected and left at a humane society shelter, tied to a post.

He eventually exchanged hands over to Wolf Park. He's since been joined by Ember and Devon. Because of his upbringings, he's extremely laid back and lets just anyone pet him. However, due to his age, he cannot interact with people like he used to, and now walks with a limp. Otherwise, he's going strong!
Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
5:05 pm
Wolf Park YouTube Vid - Muzzlegrabbing
Here's a YouTube video of Woton and Wolfgang muzzlegrabbing each other (lightling clamping their jaws around the muzzle of another). Towards the end there are some really neat shots of the two going at it! And Monty (the photographer) gets caught in the middle. =D

Note: I did not shoot this video - I'm merely linking it.
Saturday, September 22nd, 2007
7:06 pm
Nice, Cool Autumn Saturday!
Today's account is my personal experiences from 10am to 4pm Saturday, Sept. 22.

Today was a lot cooler than yesterday. The wuffs really seemed to appreciate it and were a bit more active than yesterday, I'm told. Even though, they still favored the shade.

We started out with a 10am education lecture for the volunteers/interns. Pat lead this. It was a video that focused on the "war" between humans (mostly ranchers) and coyotes out west. It mainly focused on groups that would create organized hunts - the team with the highest kill count won a cash prize - and other people gambled bets on who would rank 1st. The video took accounts on both sides - from preservation experts to ranchers that raise livestock. I took 2 pages of notes, if anyone is interested in a more extended summary.

Afterwards, went out with the main pack. Kelani had to be placed in a separate enclosure for us to go in - per usual. The wuffs were friendly today, and we all received plenty of facelicks. Pat rewarded some of them with dog treats for rudimentary performances - a bow, a handshake, a sit, etc. A power struggle/test broke out mere inches in front of me, so I was forced to vacate my log to give them space to wrestle.

The wolves sought shade, so we went with them over by the pond to hide in the shade of some trees and bushes. More facelicks, and then one of them fished out today's schedule from Pat! Pat eventually got it back, slobbery, soggy, and in two pieces. XP

After our time with the wolves, we took a break for lunch. After Taco Bell, I listened in on a Fox Talk, too several pictures of Basil (the platinum-phase red fox), answered some questions a lady and a young girl had, and returned to the office.

I helped in the gift shop for the rest of my time at the park today. After that, I snapped a few more photos of the main pack with some Adopt-a-Wolf sponsors enjoying some wolf time of their own, and a few more of the foxes.

For those that are wondering, you can sponsor a wolf (or coyote or fox) for a little over $100. This gets you entry to the park for free during open hours anytime for a year, and some personal one-on-one attention with your critter of choice! How cool is that?!

Now for some pictures. I'll trickle these out over the week. We'll start with some of the main pack:

Even wolves love getting attention - and scritched!
Friday, September 21st, 2007
7:31 pm
Community Initialized
Upon request, I have created the Wolf Park community! Here's a repeat of the community's bio:

This community has been created for fans of Wolf Park to gather and discuss anything related to the park, its animals, and events.

Wolf Park is located in mid-Western Indiana in a town called Battleground, mere minutes from Lafayette and Purdue University. The park is a research facility dedicated to educating the public at large and focuses on the behavior of gray wolves. They have also expanded to include red foxes and coyotes as well. All canines have been socialized (or hand-raised) as pups to allow close-proximity study and interaction between human and animal. A herd of bison also reside at the park.

This community is in no way officially affiliated with Wolf Park.

Anyone is free to join at any time, so come on in! Realistically, this will be a rather low-key community and will start off slow. However, I will be personally contributing pictures and updates on the park. Think of it as an additional channel to learn more about the park, and others that care about it.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Wolf Park Volunteer
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